Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Travelin' Stash !!!!

Yippee, a travelin stash box arrived at my door - fun, fun, fun........

 A set of directions, and a 'travelogue' of all the places the box had been, who had taken what out and put what in, topped off all the neat and nifty contents.
 pincushion doughnut?   too cute, too funky..
 fabric and fabric
 cute tiny precuts

and a darling little ceramic sewing machine.......

a special gift from the previous box-recipient in Utah

 and books and patterns, too!

I took out:  fabric, and more fabric;  thread;  a tape measure;  some four-patch blocks.  And I put in: 

nine-patches, binding, ribbon, some dinosaur pre-cuts, and more fabric!!

And, off it will go on Saturday to my friend Gail in Southern California !!!!  She raises dogs, so I put this CAT fabric in just for her!!!

how fun...............


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