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Hi all - I'm linking to Bonnie Hunter's big Labor Day Yard Sale - which you can find here:

My bookshelf is groaning in pain - - so - these books are all for sale. 

Take a browse through my little bookshelf here - if you find something you want, send an email to, and tell me the title and author.  First come, first served.  I will write back to confirm, and will ask for your mailing address at that time. 

You can pay by Paypal to my email address, or you can mail me a check.  (Shipment will be delayed until your check arrives).

Postage and handling is $4 for one book;  $6 for two to four books, and $10 for more than four.  (A few exceptions are noted below for especially heavy volumes).  Easy Peasy.
Remember - First Come - First Served !
I will update this site throughout the day to note SOLD items. 

Happy book shopping... Kate

"Fun Time Blankies", 5 fun quilts for babies and toddlers.  sale price:  $2.  32 pages.


SOLD !!!
"Baltimore Beauties and Beyond", Volume One. by Elly Sienkiewicz.  A classic.  SALE PRICE:  $8

"Medallion Quilts:  Inspiration & Patterns", BY cINDY vERMILLION Hamilton 120 PAGES.  sale price $6.00

"Layer Cake, Jelly Roll, and Charm Quilts", by Pam & Nicky Lintott.  Bright colorful ideas;  a great book;  SALE PRICE:  $8

SOLD !!!
"The New Sampler Quilt Book", by Lynne Edwards, hard cover.  Twenty techniques for machine and hand patchwork...  SALE PRICE  $2;  shipping on this will be $4. 

"Insider's Guide to Quilting Careers".  By Merry May and Linda Hahn.  SALE PRICE:  $4

SOLD !!!
"Affairs of the Heart:  Applique Masterpiece", by Aie Rossmann.  SALE PRICE $4.  Detailed instructions and templates for a fabulous applique masterpiece.

"The Rose of Sharon Block Book".  GORGEOUS APPLIQUE, BY sHARON Pederson.  sale price $6.

SOLD !!!
"Feathered Star Quilts", BY mARSHA mCcLOSKEY.  A classic I would normally not sell, but I have two!  SALE PRICE:  $6.

"Modern Blocks", BY sUSANNE wOODS.  99 QUILT BLOCKS FROM YOUR FAVORITE DESIGNERS.  221 pages.  Shipping on this one is $10.00 ;   SALE PRICE;  $10.

SOLD !!!
"The Quilter's Color Club", by Christine Barnes.  Here are the secrets of value, temperature, and special effects, in 8 projects and 12 hands-on exercises!  SALE PRICE:  $4.00

SOLD !!!
"bodacious aPPLIQUE, BY Margie Engel.  Georgeous, gorgeous stuff.  94 pages.  SALE PRICE $6.00

"Skinny Quilts & Table runners II", edited by Eleanor Levie.  15 designs from celebrated quilters.   95 pages.  SALE PRICE:  $6


"What a Novel Idea:  Quick Quilts from Novelty Favrics", BY Pat Sloan.  Creative Ideas!   80 pages.  SALE PRICE:  $8
"Quilt the Seasons"Book 2, by Pat Sloan.  Gorgeous, gorgeous book.  80 pages.  SALE PRICE:  $6.


 "Applique Takes Wing"125 PAGES, BY jANE tOWNSWICK.  eXQUISITE DESIGNS FOR BIRDS, BUTTERFLIES, AND MORE.  SALE PRICE  $8.00  Shipping on this one is $4.00 if bought alone.

SOLD !!!
Mimi Dietrich's "Favorite Applique Quilts", A GORGEOUS CLASSIC book from That Patchwork Place.  90 pages.  SALE PRICE $8.00

"Happy Days Quilts", BY Tammy Tadd.  Gorgeous summery projects, 70 pages.  SALE PRICE:  $4.

"Dazzling Designs", BY Heidi pRIDEMORE.  6 projects, 47 pages.  SALE PRICE $2.00

SOLD !!!
"Wintergraphix" , Jason Yenter.  36 pages of creative holiday projects.  SALE PRICE:  $2.00.

"Cozy modern quilts", BY kIM sCHAEFER.  23 EASY PIECED PROJECTS TO BUST YOUR STASH!.  63 pages.  SALE PRICE:  $6.00

"scrap quilt sensation", by Katharine Guerrier.  A beautiful, creative b ook,  121 pages.  SALE PRICE:  $8.00. 

"Collaborative Quilting", by Freddy Moran & Gwen Marston.  A huge, beautiful book.  SALE PRICE $10.  Shipping $10.  255 pages.

  "Tadpole Quilts for Baby" by Tammy Todd.  Fabulous cute quilts for babies, mix of piecing and applique.  80 pages.  SALE PRICE:  $6.00.

  "Let's Pretend:  Whisical Quilts for Kids" - by Cinthia Tomaszewski.  A fabulous book!  Original price $24.95, 80 pages.  Like New.  SALE PRICE:  $8.00

sold !!
  "Intuitive Color and Design" by Jean Wells.  Truly an adventure through this book!  Original price $27.95.   Like new condition  SALE PRICE:  $10.00

  "The Border Workbook" by Janet Kime.  A fabulous book that I am only selling because somehow I have two of them!.  95 pages, like new condition, was originally $19.95.  SALE PRICE:  $10.00

"Jack and Jill quilts", by Retta Warehime.  80 pages, original price $24.95.  Fabulous quilt designs for kids inside!  SALE PRICE:  $8.00

"In a Twinkle"by Kay MacKenzie.  35 pages, original price $14.95.  SALE PRICE:  $4.00

"Wonderfully Whimsical Quilts" by Carol Burniston.  10 Playful Projects.  48 pages.  original price $16.95.  SALE PRICE:  $5.00.  A cute, creative, and colorful book you will enjoy reading.  Like New Condition.

"Dream landscapes:  Artful quilts with Fast-Piece Applique"by Rose Hughes.  Was $26.95 new.  Like-New condition.  95 pages.  A gorgeous book with fabulous ideas and photography.  SALE PRICE:  $8.00

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