Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Break Quilting Retreat Day One !

Oh my friends - day one is just fabulous... it's a beautiful sunny day, the spring flowers are out and the hummingbirds are gulping down the new food DH made yesterday ...  and I am off work for FIVE DAYS !!!  yippee yippee...

I have flitted from one project to another all day..... here's the speed digest ....

1.  Charity quilt - in the midst of getting borders - will finish tomorrow

 2.  finally got a carrying bag for my Bernina Nova - (don't tell Nova she is in a Singer bag !!)  Now to get one for my Featherweight, too.
 3.  made some sandwiches of small charity quilts for kids
 4.  Sewing on bindings on these -
 5.  Marked up this piece again, now with grids for the background work...

6.  It's getting a basketweave pattern background - can't wait to wash out the blue marker

7.  Binding on this linen progress

 And added a bit of vintage lace around the edge...  one more piece of lace to add tomorrow, over this seam between the linen and the backing - just you wait til you see it !
Oh I am having so much fun... and now have a good basketball game to watch - Dayton v Stanford...  and some Louisiana Dirty Rice for dinner, too! 

ooh, spring break is just lovely - otherwise known as "practicing for retirement" !!!!


1 comment:

Snowcatcher said...

Even when I take a vacation, I can't get as much done as you have! Your whole cloth quilts are simply stunning!

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